Out with the old and in with the updated logo

Although consistency is one of the most important aspects when it comes to branding, there comes a time when even your logo should be given a facelift. After all, some of the best known brands in the world have gone through a logo evolution. That includes Apple, BP, Starbucks and Google!

So here’s when, why and how you should update your logo.

A strong logo reflects the identity of your company. It’s one of the first things an audience will notice when they come across your brand for the first time – brand recognition. If it makes a good impression and resonates with your audience, it could attract your target market for years to come.

However, few can stay relevant forever. Times change and so do design trends and norms. Companies also change. Logos should change too.

If your logo is strong from the start, it’s possible for it to evolve with the times. That’s why we call it a facelift. A logo evolution does not necessarily mean your logo completely changes direction. It could mean one or two minor characteristic updates, such as a simple refinement to the icon, modernizing the font, a new colour palette or a basic rearrangement.

Have a look at how from 1976 to 1988, Apple went through the process of simplifying their logo. And today, it’s a global brand, synonymous with sleek designs and effortlessness.



So how do you know when it might be time to have another look at your logo? Well for starters, if it looks anything like Apple’s 1976 logo, you need to call us immediately.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Has your audience evolved?

Do you find yourself looking to cater to millennials and Gen Z? Your logo should reflect this. Both generations are reaching their peak within their professional careers, meaning that both are spending more.

Has your company’s focus changed over the years?

We hope it has. Changing your focus over time is the only way to successfully navigate a variety of expectations. Environmental changes, human resource challenges, organisational structures, competition and new products or services are all variables that should require you to develop and grow.

Is your business keeping up with the times?

Have you properly adapted to modern technology and the various social media platforms? With web access 24/7, it’s super important that your brand and marketing adapts to these channels.

Does your logo – as well as your branding and look and feel – represent who you are as a business today?

If you’re not sure how to answer this question, it might be time for a brand audit. This provides you with an opportunity to evaluate the strength of your brand, to underscore the value of it with customers and to make a plan to reposition your brand, if necessary. This is especially necessary if you think that you see your business differently to how your customers or potential customers see it.

There is no perfect time for you to have your logo redesigned. But if your intuition is telling you that your logo is falling behind, irrelevant or does not accurately represent who your brand is anymore, it’s time to reassess. And these questions are where you need to start.

Having a strong image representing your business that people can easily visualize when someone mentions your name can only do you good. However, having a generic old-fashioned logo that turns away potential customers, just might hurt your business.

We can help you with both your creative brand audit and your logo refresh or rebranding.