Why your business needs to hire a copywriter

We have a running joke in the studio that goes something like this. If someone introduces a new word or concept to the team, one of us will invariably cock our head to one side and with a face scrunched up in confusion, ask, “What’s that? Can I eat it?” Firstly, that phrase captures two important things about The Pencil Box we’d like you to know – (1) we’re an inquisitive bunch, and (2) being paid in food has crossed our minds a few times. Food, delicious food drives us. We’re not going to lie. Lastly, this is pretty much the same quizzical expression clients give us when we offer our copywriting services. Just yesterday, while writing this post, I met a local academic who enquired about my profession. When I asked him what he thought copywriting is, I wasn’t surprised that he thought I practiced copyright law. All praise to the legal fraternity, but copywriters produce purposeful content that connects people to brands in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. I hope that this blog post will dispel any further myths about what a copywriter is and the role one can play in your business.

So perhaps you’re a small business just starting out. How will you communicate to your desired audience what it is that you offer? If you own a store selling a high-value or complex product you might need pamphlets that explain the benefits in a way that influences your client to consider your brand above the competition. Should you have an extensive line of products, you could need a printed or digital catalogue with engaging product descriptions to encourage customers to invest in your brand. If you have a website, and in the digital age your business might not grow quickly without it, you will need compelling content or appealing product descriptions to keep your customers coming back. From the about section of your website to the clickworthy copy on your mobile ad or the attention-grabbing 140 characters on your Twitter feed (not an easy thing to do), a copywriter can assist.

I hear you saying, “But I can do that myself,” and I agree, you most certainly could. If you have the time and you’re a good communicator, then of course. But most entrepreneurs struggle to run their fledgling businesses and produce the content they need to promote and market their business to the public. You have great ideas, but sometimes, in the craziness of running a business, there’s not much time left at the end of the day to do the necessary. Now I’ve described how a copywriter can add value to your business and listed one important reason why your brand needs one. But just in case you’re not quite convinced yet, here are five more reasons why you should hire a copywriter today.

Copywriters connect with people
Good writers are natural researchers. They make it their business to stay on top of current trends within industries or to learn about industries they might know very little about. Equally important is understanding the human needs your product or service can meet. Understanding your customer means they’ll know how to reach them, wherever they are. They will know how to make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace – a unique brand with a vibrant personality that people will be drawn to. Yes, brands have a personality and choosing the right tone and style to match it is what copywriters do.

Copywriters get people to act
Copywriters create content with a purpose. And that purpose is always to connect with people and to encourage them to take a desired action. Whether you want people to join in on the conversation on your Facebook page, click through to your website from your Instagram account, download your catalogue, or shop on your e-commerce site, copywriters are skilled in teasing out the benefits of taking that action, making it more likely that people will.

Copywriters can get your product in front of the right people at the right time
Digital marketing is a whole new playing field and one that changes frequently. Copywriters can produce search engine optimised (SEO) copy to help improve your Google page ranking and with time and some spend, get you to that first page. Google now ranks your page for more than just keywords. It ranks for relevance, how long people spend on your page consuming your content and how often and where it is shared. It is a time-consuming and slow job initially, but with a steady stream of quality SEO content produced by a skilled copywriter, you can improve your ranking over time.

Copywriters write to convert
It’s no secret that the primary job of a copywriter is to produce content that converts, that gets traffic through your door, to the till and back again. But the mark of a good copywriter is writing that gets them through your door, but without compromising on principles and brand values. Thankfully, we have moved on from the hard selling advertising of the 60s and 70s. Consumers today are weary of that kind of communication, and they are savvy enough to know when they are being manipulated. They demand transparency, and they want your brand to stand for something more than just profit. Smart copywriters know how to produce copy that converts to sales but to do it with integrity.

Copywriters spot errors
Poorly written content riddled with errors (even just one) can leave a lasting impression and not always a favourable one. Everything about your brand communicates, and a lack of attention to detail can infer laziness or a lack of authority on a subject, which in turn makes you seem less trustworthy. I know this might sound a little dramatic but punctuation and grammar matters and it helps to have a trained eye read over your copy before sending it out into the world.

A copywriter will work alongside you to help you formulate your brand message and ensure that it is consistent across all platforms. This way your customer is never confused about who you are and what solutions you can offer him or her. Now that you have all the facts to make an informed decision, get in touch with us so we can write some great copy for your brand too.