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Inspirational Instagram accounts to follow today

We’re sure you know how it feels to keep scrolling and scrolling through your Instagram feed, looking for something – anything – that moves you. You want something to engage with, to inspire you, to make you get up off the couch and get cracking on your laptop – especially during these overwhelming and uncertain times.

So, it’s time to give your Instagram feed a makeover. We’ve done the work for you and scoured the ‘gram to bring you the best inspirational accounts to follow. Here are ten accounts that aid our anxiety and promote positivity:

Blahgrapher // @blahgrapher

Lauren Mulligan – a South African storyteller working in photography, illustration and filmmaking – is the mind behind this awesome and fun account. Combining everyday objects and illustration, this account offers something to smile about.


Good Advice Cupcake // @thegoodadvicecupcake

Run by BuzzFeed’s Animation Studio, the Good Advice Cupcake – aka Cuppy – has over 2.5 million followers. The animated character offers straightforward and positive life advice and daily motivation. For example, how to make a Cuppy mocktail, advice on liking attention and how to be like a cat.


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I tell my cat all my secrets.

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Lalah Delia // @lalahdelia

“Breathe peace, remain centred, live your power in some small way daily. We are all in this reroute together,” says author, spiritual writer, wellness educator and founder of Vibrate Higher Daily, Lalah Delia. Her writing aims to guide readers to their empowered, higher-potential and whole selves, and her Instagram page offers just this.


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Breathe peace, remain centered, live your power in some small way daily. We are all in this reroute together. . • ? Additionally: • Do more of what offers you solace and warm vibrations • When it all feels too much or too uncertain, lean on your faith. • Put boundaries on how much outside information you’re allowing into your psyche right now, as not all information is helpful or supportive information. • Stay close to the small and free things that comfort your soul. • Seek or create support community via the phone or online. • Take good and tender care of your emotions. • Allow yourself to actually rest. • Be mindful and compassionate with those who are close and far. We all process differently. • Love yourself through these times. • The Divine is still with you in this. You are not alone.? 〰️?〰️

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Scary Mommy // @scarymommy

I asked my mom to describe motherhood in one word. She said “Patience,” but she’s in a good mood at the moment. Motherhood can be scary. The Scary Mommy account is one of the largest, most influential and trusted sources of information and entertainment for millennial mommas online. It is a community of women for women, offering support, acceptance and empowerment through the shared experience of being a mother.


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In other words, an eternity.

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The Fabulous App // @thefabstory

This Instagram account promotes The Fabulous App, which uses science to better your wellbeing. Voted the Best app of 2018 in Self-Care on the App Store, Fabulous promises to help you build healthy rituals into your life, just like an elite athlete.


The Good Quote // @thegoodquote

Founded by Meggan Roxanne, The Good Quote offers positive and motivational quotes, and advocates for mental health and self-development through literature and discussion. Followed by more than 19 million people, The Good Quote is a great account to add to your follow list.


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#thegoodquote ?

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Anxiety Healer // @anxietyhealer

Paris Young dealt with crippling anxiety and panic attacks after he sustained a brain injury in an accident. Ten years later, he shares his story with the world while inspiring and giving hope on the Anxiety Healer account. The page promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention, offering useful tips, affirmations and reminders.


The Female Hustlers // @thefemalehustlers

“We are a badass crew of ambitious babes that will help you chase your dreams.” This Instagram account empowers womxn who want to make a change in the world. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a boss, or simply someone with a vision, the account has just what you need to feel inspired and motivated.


My Therapist Says // @mytherapistsays

Curated and managed by Lola Tash, Nicole Argiris, Gina Tash and Nora Tash, this Instagram account is filled with relatable and funny memes. And that’s just what you need during this period of social isolation.


The Dodo // @thedodo

Cute is just one word to describe this account. There are videos capturing animals in all ways – with their owners, with their furry friends and being rescued. Your faith in humanity will definitely be restored after spending sometime here.


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This tiny donkey is living his best life ?

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