What we’ve learnt about social media (so far) – Part 1

Where it all began…

Layla: Up until last year Feb, we had no Instagram presence. We focused mainly on Facebook which was great, until they made it almost impossible to reach our followers without paying for the engagement. We joined Instagram because one of our clients had asked why weren’t using it for business (duh) and requested we manage their pages. Read more

Tips for styling a photoshoot

Let me begin by saying that styling is not your average 9-to-5-run-of-the-mill kind of job. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever done. When you’re not in the studio, you’re constantly on the go preparing for your next styling project. When the shoot date arrives, it can be very stressful and chaotic, especially if there is a lot to get through. Read more

Miss communication

Love it or hate it, with technology we are now communicating more than ever before. But are we communicating more effectively? When it comes to work and everyday life, communication is key. We have all heard that a thousand times and I’ve probably rolled my eyes a thousand times when someone has said it, but it is such an important skill to learn.Read more

The juniors – our journey into design

Hey, this is Natalie and I’m all about “doing what we love”

Growing up, I always had a million passions. I would put all my energy into it; from ballet to theatre performance, art to science, teaching and even breakdancing. Yes, I could do head spins and took part in underground hip-hop street battles in Woodstock – and I was pretty good at it too! I was interested in so many different things, the thought of choosing one specific career path had me feeling uneasy. Was I the only one who felt like this?Read more

Why your business needs to hire a copywriter

We have a running joke in the studio that goes something like this. If someone introduces a new word or concept to the team, one of us will invariably cock our head to one side and with a face scrunched up in confusion, ask, “What’s that? Can I eat it?” Firstly, that phrase captures two important things about The Pencil Box we’d like you to know – (1) we’re an inquisitive bunch, and (2) being paid in food has crossed our minds a few times. Food, delicious food drives us. Read more

Why branding is important for your business…

If you’re reading this, then it’s crossed your mind and we’re very proud of you for taking a step in the right direction. Picture a room filled with slow clapping, nods of excitement and back patting as you make your way through the room. Welcome to our world, we’re here to help. You may be considering starting your own business, thinking of a brand refresh, or you just want to know what all the fuss is about and whether it really is necessary. Read more

The juniors – just getting started

Hello, my name is Natalie.
Welcome to my world as a recently graduated graphic designer working at The Pencil Box. I was asked to write about my creative journey when I started, my personal experiences and what I’ve learnt along the way. I was super excited about the new challenge, but when push came to shove, I couldn’t think of a single topic to write about. I adore creative writing, but it’s not something that always comes easily. Read more

An introvert’s guide to networking

You’re about to attend your first fashion launch. You don’t know what to expect and being you, social events are mentally exhausting and of course daunting. But you have to go, your boss has ordered you to network and report on the fashion brand’s new AW fashion line. You don’t know anyone there. You love fashion, but the thought of having to make small talk with complete strangers is giving you heart palpitations.Read more

5 things you need to know about starting your own business

Firstly, if you’ve taken the leap of faith, high fives all round. If you’re thinking about it, in the words of Martin Luther King, “you don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step.” So true, but let me tell you a bit about this staircase. Google search “Rock of Guatapé Staircase in Colombia” and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. No, it is not easy, but it is so worth it. Read more

In the beginning

It all started in 2007. Six years into my career, I was living my dream working as a designer for a leading publishing company. I had worked on five magazines, gaining experience and absorbing as much as possible. Captivated by the world of glossy magazines and advertising, I was in love with the industry. At 26, I was married, had done a bit of travelling and all the things you do when you’re young and relatively care free, then I had my first baby. Needless to say, my priorities changed quite a bit.Read more

Unpacking soon

Hello! We’re very excited to launch our very own blog so we can share our world with you! You can expect to read everything (well almost) about our daily doings, lots of design trends and tips, and a little bit of how we run our business (including the things that nobody tells you). We’re big on fashion and beauty, décor and daydreaming.Read more